10 pieces of wisdom from Mindy Kaling

In her new book 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns),' 'The Office' star and writer Mindy Kaling shares her thoughts on why she's not a natural babysitter and which types of women in romantic comedies don't actually exist in real life.

1. Sometimes you shouldn't listen to authority figures

Kaling says she learned this after being told to dive off a high diving board by a lifeguard when she was six. She did so and cut open her leg. "[My parents] didn't ever tell me, 'Sometimes you will meet idiots who are technically adults and authority figures,' " Kaling says of the lifeguard. " 'You can calmly say, "Can I first call my mom and ask if I have to do this, please?" ' But we didn't have cell phones back then. The only people with cell phones were rich villains in action movies you knew were going to die first."

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