Palestine papers: More nations floated for Palestinian resettlement

Al Jazeera's release this week of the so-called 'Palestine papers' revealed a US suggestion made in 2008 that Palestinian refugees be permanently resettled in South America. Here are some of the countries proposed as permanent resettlement locations.


Argentina, the other South American country proposed as a resettlement option, is an interesting choice because the capital city, Buenos Aires, is home to one of the world’s largest Jewish communities and the largest such population in Latin America. The government opted to recognize a Palestinian state in December, prompting an outcry from the community there of some 200,000 Jews.

But permanent resettlement appears untenable to Palestinians in Argentina. Tilda Rabi, president of the Federation of Palestinian Organizations in Argentina, told The Guardian that many hold out hope of returning to what is now Israel. “In the camps, people still have keys to the homes they left behind,” she said, alluding to a symbolic tradition among Palestinian refugees of holding on to the keys of the homes they had to leave behind when Israel became a state.

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