Five controversial Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem

The past decade has seen a significant expansion of Jewish areas in the Arab neighborhoods closest to the Old City, which could affect how the city is divided – or prevent it from being divided at all. Here is a list of five of the most controversial developments of Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.

Jabel Mukaber

The Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber includes two Jewish developments: Nof Zion, a luxury apartment complex, and Kidmat Zion, a fledgling settlement on the fringes of the neighborhood.
Nof Zion is a luxury apartment complex slated to have about 200 housing units, about half of which are constructed and lived in today. It has been marketed largely as a posh residential development with a view of the Old City and a short commute to West Jerusalem.
The full construction of the Kidmat Zion project – on land purchased by Moscowitz – has been stalled. However, there are already several Jewish families living in two houses on the land, bought from Palestinians in the area.

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