Fukushima radiation levels rise, area closed

Fukushima radiation has been found at potentially lethal levels at two locations. The area around the leaks has been evacuated.

Tokyo Electric Power Co./AP
Fukushima radiation: TEPCO said radiation exceeded 10 sieverts per hour Monday at two locations including the area shown in the photo near the duct.

The operator of Japan's damaged nuclear power plant says an area where potentially lethal levels of radiation were detected has been sealed.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Tuesday radiation exceeded 10 sieverts at two locations near a duct connected to a ventilation stack between two reactor units at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant.

TEPCO says no one has been injured.

The area required no immediate work and was closed off.

It also said radiation levels around the complex were not rising.

That's a sign the duct wasn't leaking.

TEPCO said melted fuel in the No. 1 reactor might have collected inside the duct after leaking from the containment vessel during venting early in the crisis.

The plant was crippled by an earthquake and tsunami March 11.

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