Englishwoman puts fish pedicures on wheels

Englishwoman Charley Fryatt wanted to put a unique spin on her fish pedicure business – so she put her salon in an Airstream trailer.

Ian Evans
Fish pedicures: Charley Fryatt’s Airstream brings fish to feet.

• A local, slice-of-life story from a Monitor correspondent.

When Wally Byam first pioneered the Airstream trailer back in the 1930s, he probably didn’t envisage them being used as beauty parlors full of mini-fish. But for English entrepreneur Charley Fryatt, they are the perfect venue for her new pedicure business. Inside the gleaming silver bullet Airstream 345 motor home imported from Indiana to Portsmouth, England, are six glass tanks, each containing 150 mini Garra Rufa fish that feed on the feet of willing customers. Sucking rather than nibbling, the Turkish-bought fish effectively leave feet smooth after just three or four half-hour sessions.

“I’d heard about fish pedicures and what they could do,” says Ms. Fryatt. “I’ve always loved Airstreams … and I needed to offer something different so I put the two together.” She plans to bring in another motor home salon from New York to Brighton, where she lives.

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