Haiti earthquake damage: How much aid has the US given Haiti in past crises?

Haiti was in the top 10 countries receiving US aid in 1998, but by 2008 conflict-ridden countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan topped it.

In fiscal year 1998, Haiti was a major recipient of US foreign aid, number 9 in the top 10 countries at $106 million for that year.

But by FY 2008, it had dropped from the list of the top ten recipients, replaced by regions including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan, as terrorism threats changed aid priorities.

In May 2008, the Bush administration announced that it would send an additional $25 million in emergency food aid to Haiti, bringing its total emergency contribution to $45 million, in response to lingering food shortages after protests and the ouster of the prime minister led to a food crisis.

After four storms – two hurricanes and two tropical storms – caused flooding in all ten departments of Haiti in August and September 2008, the US Government committed over $30 million in humanitarian assistance to affected Haitian populations in response to the hurricanes in Haiti.

Congress provided $100 million for hurricane relief and reconstruction assistance for Haiti and other Caribbean countries in the FY 2009 continuing appropriations resolution, signed September 2008.

Haiti received an estimated $287 million in regular appropriations for FY 2009. The FY 2010 request is $292.8 million.


Sources: Congressional Research Service, USAID

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