Cheney admits Iraq had no link to 9/11

Call it a "known unknown."

That's what a former Pentagon chief famously called such knowns.

Or is it an "unknown unknown?" (Click here for guidance.)

Former Vice President Dick Cheney today disavowed intelligence he once invoked to suggest that Saddam Hussein collaborated with Al Qaeda to stage 9/11, reports Bloomberg.

"I do not believe and have never seen any evidence to confirm that [Mr. Hussein] was involved in 9/11," Mr. Cheney told an audience gathered for lunch at the National Press Club in Washington. "We had that reporting for a while, [but] eventually it turned out not to be true."

For years, Cheney has been criticized for failing to dismiss the possible link between Hussein and 9/11, even though members of 9/11 commission found "no credible evidence" of such a connection.

Do Cheney's latest comments destroy a key bulwark in the Bush administration's rationale for invading Iraq? Au contraire, suggests the former Veep.

“There was a relationship between Al Qaeda and Iraq that stretched back 10 years. That’s not something I made up,” Cheney said.

His point was that the intelligence did show a connection between Hussein and Al Qaeda, even if Hussein's government had no link whatsoever to 9/11.

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