My mother’s perspective

Reporters on the Job: It was clear from my interviews in Cancún, Mexico, that Americans are well-briefed on Mexico’s drug war. (Read the story here.) If my mom is any indicator, they’re paying more attention than three years ago, when I took this job.

At that time, the first thing my mom asked me was, “Is it safe?” I replied, “Yes, mom, very much so.” I fibbed. Actually at that time things in Mexico City, at least, were a little worse, especially in terms of kidnapping.

She remained blissfully unaware until recently. Now, even she is noticing the stories about bullet-riddled bodies and beheadings. Recently, she told me over the phone, as only a mother can: “If I hear about one more head in Mexico I’m coming there to get you myself.”

I went to Cancún twice as a “springbreaker.” Even though I really believe it is just as safe to take spring break here now as it was when I was in college, I am not sure my parents would have agreed to let me go if it had been like this.

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