Correspondent reflections: The 10 news events that shaped 2011

In this special section, we look at the year’s biggest stories, and seven staff correspondents reflect on events in hot spots from Latin America to the Libyan front. 

Arab uprisings

Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters/File
A protester clashes with the Interior Ministry in Tahrir Square, Egypt, in November.

The most widespread popular uprisings in half a century swept across the Arab world, ousting three of the region’s most stalwart autocrats – in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya – and opening the door for more representative government. 

So far, that appears to mean a greater voice for Islamists – those who want Islam to play a greater role in politics.

But the upheaval, still very much under way in Syria and Yemen, could also mean greater instability for an oil-rich region that’s home to key US allies and terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Dan Murphy covered the uprisings with Kristen Chick (Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain), Scott Peterson (Libya), Nicholas Blanford (Syria), Jeb Boone (Yemen), and Erik Stier (Yemen).

Highlights from the Monitor's coverage of the Arab uprisings:

How revolt sparked to life in Tunisia – by Kristen Chick in Sidi Bouzid and Tunis, Tunisia

How Egyptians toppled Mubarak and who will lead them now – by Dan Murphy in Cairo

Why the West need not fear Libya's Islamic warriors – by Dan Murphy in Derna, Libya

Bahrain's calculated campaign of intimidation – by Kristen Chick in Manama, Bahrain

Q&A with Syrian jihadist: Minorities have nothing to fear in post-Assad Syria – by Nicholas Blanford in North Lebanon

Divided by Yemen's Saleh: Two brothers fight on opposite sides – by Jeb Boone in Sanaa, Yemen
Egyptian revolution, Pt. 2: Now, to build a nation – by Dan Murphy in Cairo

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