Death penalty: Top 5 countries to execute the most people

According to Amnesty International’s annual Death Sentences and Executions report, at least 527 people were executed in 23 countries in 2010, plus thousands in China. The number of people executed worldwide since 2007 is more than 2,500. Here are the five countries registering the most executions since 2007.

4. United States

The US, the only country in the Americas to execute people in the past few years, executed 46 people in 2010, down from the 2009 total of 52 but still a notable increase from the 2008 total of 37. The US has executed a total of 177 since 2007.

Texas, Alabama, Ohio, Virginia, and Oklahoma are the states with the most executions since since 2007. Check out our list of the US states with the most executions.

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