Nine countries in the Middle East where 'winds of change' are blowing

Those who said that 'winds of change' were blowing through the Middle East were right. As Egyptians' cries, first of anger and now of jubilation, beam into living rooms throughout the Middle East, here is a look at where those 'winds of change' are taking us.


In response to periodic protests in Jordan, King Abdullah II sacked his entire cabinet and swore in a new one last week, announcing that the new government would be required to implement reforms. However, many Jordanians are skeptical that this reworked cabinet is anything more than new faces. US officials flew to Amman Feb. 14, to reassure Abdullah of US support and urge him to enact reforms to avoid the fate of Mubarak, the Washington Post reported.

While Egypt’s and Yemen’s protests are closely linked to anger over corruption and a lack of political reform, Jordan’s protests seem mostly tied to economic concerns – unemployment and rising prices. It seems unlikely that the protests mean an end for the king, as criticism has mostly not been targeted at the monarchy.

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