Five countries where the GOP victory could make a difference


Kevin Lamarque/Reuters
Howard Berman.

With Republican leadership in the House, Congress is expected to push hard for tougher sanctions on Iran. Two Republican congressmen could lead the way.

Ros-Lehtinen has taken a hard line on Iran in the past and is expected to push for strict enforcement of the new sanctions law, The Cable reports. She also will be less inclined than former committee chairman Rep. Howard Berman (D) of Calif., to defer to the Obama administration. Mr. Berman held the sanctions law off long enough for Obama to give other engagement efforts a try first, which The Cable said is something Ros-Lehtinen is unlikely to do.

Cantor has also been a strident voice in the debate on Iran, pushing for stronger sanctions over engagement efforts. He condemned the Obama administration’s efforts at dialogue with Tehran. In an Oct. 2009 Politico opinion piece, Cantor wrote “There is absolutely no evidence that Iran is willing to reach any agreement acceptable on US terms – much less use negotiations for any purpose other than to buy more time for its illicit nuclear enrichment activities.”

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