Royal wedding date: What we know about the marriage plans of William and Kate

Royal wedding date-watchers need speculate no more.

When the long-awaited engagement of Prince William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton was announced last week, they and their wedding planners were bombarded with questions. Where did that gorgeous ring come from? Who will design the wedding dress?And – when will the wedding of the decade be?

Some of those questions were answered immediately (the ring originally belonged to William's mother, the late Princess Diana), some have since been answered, and some remain up in the air (rumors run rampant about who will design Kate's wedding gown, but nothing has been confirmed). Here are some of the details that have been finalized.

The date

Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters
Britain's Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton are seen entering the room to pose for a photograph in St. James's Palace, central London, Nov. 16.

Royal engagements tend to be short, and this one will be, too. The wedding date, according to The Telegraph, will be April 29.

Many obstacles presented themselves in choosing a date – religious holidays, political events, weather, and, of course, the couple's preferences. William and Kate reportedly wanted a spring wedding, but March weather can be dreary. What's more, Lent and Easter take up much of April. The Liberal Democrats – the party of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – did not want a late April wedding because of concern it will overshadow an early May referendum on the electoral system, the Daily Mail reported. William and Kate have friends getting married in May.

So, late April it is. Parliament will have to deal.

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