Kate Middleton and Prince William: How well do you know them? A quiz.

11. Answers

1. In which branch of the British Armed Forces is William serving?
b) Royal Air Force
2. What was William's original college major?
c) Art history
3. How much did the engagement ring cost originally?
d) $60,000
4. What stone, other than diamonds, is in the ring?
a) Sapphire
5. Which British queen started the white wedding dress tradition?
b) Queen Victoria
6. In which country were William and Kate when he proposed?
b) Kenya
7. What university did they both attend?
c) University of St. Andrews in Scotland
8. After William, who is currently next in line to take the throne?
a) Prince Harry, his brother
9. Kate will be the first British queen with a...
b) College degree
10. Kate's parents own what kind of business?
b) Party supplies

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