Four Afghan officials targeted in recent assassinations

Khan Mohammed Mujahid, Kandahar police chief

General Mujahid was killed on April 15 by a suicide bomber only days after he told the Monitor that he was “confident” about Kandahar’s recent security gains. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. His murder took place at Kandahar City’s police headquarters, when a man dressed in a police uniform hugged Mujahid and then detonated himself.

The Monitor reported that there were three previous attacks on Mujahid and that he was the second provincial police chief killed in a month (the other was from the northern province of Kunduz).

At the time, experts warned that his assassination did not bode well for the security of the region. “Kandahar is the province which affects the entire country, because the history and politics of Afghanistan was always, is always, and will always be determined by Kandahar,” Tooryali Wesa, the governor of Kandahar Province, told the Monitor shortly after Mujahid’s death. “With a small explosion here, [militants] can present their presence to the entire world so they will try to be active here.”

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