Top 5 Al Qaeda-linked militants Pakistan has captured

A look at Al Qaeda militants captured by Pakistani authorities over the past decade.

2. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was captured March 1, 2003, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The New Yorker, in the recent profile "The Mastermind," describes the 9/11 coordinator's capture at the hands of Pakistani police: "In the spring of 2003, almost a full decade after Mohammed came to the notice of terrorism investigators, heavily armed Pakistani police crashed in on him in the middle of the night, in a walled compound in Rawalpindi, the home city of Pakistan’s military. His capture likely owed something to the technical capacities of American surveillance, but the big break came by the oldest of means: betrayal. The US had offered a twenty-five-million-dollar reward for Mohammed’s capture, and a cousin tipped off authorities about his location."

US officials were very much involved in the hunt, according to reports. "The hunt for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed involved the entire American intelligence establishment," reported The New York Times.

He is now detained at Guantánamo Bay. Last month, the White House ended attempts to have his case transferred to a civilian federal court in the US.

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