Abbottabad, Pakistan: 5 things to know about where bin Laden died

Abbottabad, Pakistan, was a midsized city unknown to most outside the country until late Sunday night, when President Obama announced that the US had found and killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden there. Here are five facts to put Abbottabad, Pakistan, in context.

A Pakistani police officer talks to a motorcyclist at a security check post in Abbottabad, Pakistani on Monday, May 2. Osama bin Laden was holed up in a two-story house, 100 yards from a Pakistani military academy in Abbottabad, when four helicopters carrying U.S. anti-terror forces swooped in the early morning hours of Monday and killed him.

It’s ‘deep inside’ Pakistan

Rich Clabaugh/Staff

Abbottabad is “deep inside” Pakistan, as Obama noted in his address Sunday night. It is closer to urban Pakistan than it is to the remote regions along the Afghanistan border where the US and Pakistan have focused their counterterrorism efforts. It is about 75 miles northeast of the capital of Islamabad.

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