Are you up on Latin American news? Try our quiz.

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Who is the only female leader in Latin America ever to be re-elected? Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez seen here after her swearing-in ceremony in Buenos Aires, Dec. 10. Think you know all about Latin America in 2011? Take our quiz.

It's been a big year in Latin America, and the Monitor has brought you on-the-ground reports from Mexico to Manitoba Colony, Bolivia. You probably know that Brazil is booming and former dictator Manuel Noriega arrived in Panama. But beyond the headlines, how closely did you follow the big events of 2011? Test your comprehension in this 2011 year-end quiz.

1. What crime is ex-dictator Manuel Noriega charged with in Panama?

In December, former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega was sent to his homeland from France to serve out a prison sentence.

Panama's Ministry of Government and Justice/Reuters/File
Manuel Noriega, Panama's former strongman, poses for a photograph in this picture received by Reuters in Panama City in 2011.

Committing human rights violations again US forces during the 1989 US invasion of Panama

Stealing and stashing away money from federal coffers in the 1980s

Murdering political opponents during his military rule

Leaking intelligence information to Soviet-backed forces throughout Central America

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