New Moon opening night: South Africa teen says 'it has it all'

New Moon opening night strikes on Nov. 27 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Eighth-grader Rea will be there with 20 of her closest friends.

In South Africa, New Moon opening night doesn't hit until Nov. 27, a week after its appearance in the United States. But Dhalyn, an American 8th-grader attending a private school in Johannesburg, says she will simply re-read the book while she waits, and maybe watch some of the trailers available on the Internet.

"I just love the story, and it has that kind of a hook to it that makes you want to read all the books," Dhalyn adds. What's the hook? "There's not a lot of stories about girls falling in love with a vampire."

Like many young fans of the Twilight series, Dhalyn says that her parents worried she was getting a bit "obsessive" about the books, and the movies, and, yes, the handsome lead actor Robert Pattinson. So when the movie "Twilight" came out, she says, "I dragged my father to see it. He said, 'I thought this was going to be a chick flick, but it's an action movie.' And then he said, 'Actually, I really liked it.'"

Rea, a South African 8th-grader and self-professed "huge fan" of the Twilight books, says the book series is popular among teenagers because "it has romance, it has trust and friendship, love and hatred, it has it all." She plans to see the first showing of the movie in South Africa on Nov. 27, together with about 20 of her closest friends. "I want to experience it for myself, and I don't want people to tell me what happens."


From the UK to China, New Moon fans are over the moon.

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