WikiLeaks: The five strangest far

The release of US diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks contains some serious stuff. Other cables are not so earth-shaking, but they nonetheless reveal personalities and events that are comical, surprising, or just plain weird. Here's our top five.

3. Single-malt only, please

Khaled Abdullah/Reuters/File
Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh addresses a news conference in Sanaa, Yemen October 30.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the authoritarian ruler of Yemen, which bans alcohol consumption for non-Muslims, told US Army General David Petraeus that he was concerned about the smuggling of drugs and weapons from nearby Djibouti. But he wasn't concerned about one other form of contraband.

"Tell (Djiboutian President) Ismail Guelleh that I don't care if he smuggles whiskey into Yemen," Saleh told Petraeus. "Provided it's good whiskey."

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