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Let's say you won a drawing that entitled you to indulge your fantasy of relaxing under the palm trees on a lush tropical island, pausing now and then to swim in the clear turquoise water or watch a ship passing in the distance or dine on fine food and drink. Should you become bored, other nearby islands would offer caves and the ruins of historic castles to explore and spectacular coral formations to admire. Then, at night, you'd bed down in a private villa with all the comforts of home as the rolling surf lulled you to sleep. And all of it free of charge! Sounds almost too good to be true, right? But it is true. Or, rather, was for Yeh Chien-wei. He did win such a drawing last week for five three-day trips to Sianjiaoyu Island off Taiwan for the months of May, June, July, August, and September. He and up to seven guests would have prepaid round-trip transportation and exclusive use of the place as part of a promotion sponsored by the Penghu County government to stimulate tourism in these challenging economic times. Yeh, however, won't be taking advantage of his prize. Why? Well, because he's only 4, and his father, Yeh Sheng-chin, decided the bonanza wasn't "practical" for one so young. On the other hand, he may yet get a free education out of the deal. Dad has put the prize up for auction on the Internet, with the proceeds to go to the youngster's college fund.

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