Some pro coaches manage to be here today, here tomorrow

In the revolving door of professional coaching, a half-dozen years spent with the same team is an achievement; 20 years can seem an eternity. Only two head coaches in any of the four major North American sports leagues can boast of such uninterrupted longevity: Jerry Sloan of the NBA's Utah Jazz and Bobby Cox of baseball's Atlanta Braves (entering the 20th straight season in his second turn with the team). The head coaches who've been on the job longest in one place, the team and sport in which his team plays, and the years of continuous coaching service to the franchise:

  • Jerry Sloan, Utah Jazz (basketball) 20
  • Bobby Cox, Atlanta Braves (baseball) 20
  • Jeff Fisher, Tennessee Titans (football) 14
  • Tony La Russa, St. Louis Cardinals (baseball) 14
  • Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs (basketball) 12
  • Lindy Ruff, Buffalo Sabres (hockey) 11
  • Barry Trotz, Nashville Predators (hockey) 10
  • Mike Scioscia, Los Angeles Angels, (baseball) 9
  • Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles (football) 9
  • Bill Belichick, New England Patriots (football) 8
  • Jacques Lemaire, Minnesota Wild (hockey) 8
  • Craig MacTavish, Edmonton Oilers (hockey) 8
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