Hungry for doughnuts? These should satisfy your craving

While some waist-watching Americans pass up doughnuts these days, others delight in searching out the best places to buy their favorite varieties – from the classic glazed and jelly-filled to chocolate and blueberry. The website CityGuide has rated the best makers of doughnuts in the US and ranks Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle, with its signature apple fritters, as No. 1. The small chain boasts "hand-forged" delights served in eye-pleasing cafes. The shops take their name from a neon sign salvaged from a former Chinese restaurant called Topspot. But in transporting the sign to Top Pot's flagship location in downtown Seattle, the "s" fell off and the proprietors decided not to put it back. The best US doughnut shops and their locations, according to CityGuide:

  • 1. Top Pot Doughnuts (Seattle)
  • 2. Randy's Donuts (Los Angeles)
  • 3. Round Rock Donuts (Austin, Texas)
  • 4. Dreesen's Excelsior Market (East Hampton, N.Y.)
  • 5. LaMar's Donuts (Denver)
  • 6. Café Du Monde (New Orleans)
  • 7. Southern Maid Donut Shop (Dallas)
  • 8. Betty Anne's (East Boston, Mass.)
  • 9. Voodoo Doughnuts (Portland, Ore.)
  • 10. Stan's Doughnuts (Los Angeles)
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