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SOURCE: German Federal Economic Ministry/DPA

Recycling Ammunition in Hebron: As staff writer Ilene R. Prusher, a Danish reporter, and their interpreter left the house of a Palestinian man who'd been shot by Israeli settlers in Hebron, they noticed a pile of stones outside the door (see story).

"Stones are the most basic type of ammunition in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," notes Ilene.

Her colleague asked the wounded Palestinian, "Are you preparing for the next round?"

The man said, "No, no, those are stones that the settlers threw at us. We collected them all to show to the [Israeli] army as evidence."

"And to throw them back?" the Danish reporter asked.

"Well, yes, if necessary," one of the men in the family said. "If they start throwing them at us, we'll throw them back."

David Clark Scott

World editor

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