Lions have lost football growl, but not happier memories

Three-quarters through the National Football League season, the Detroit Lions are 0-12 and seemingly on track to finish 0-16. That would be the worst record in league history. The last time a team went an entire season without a win was 1976, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished 0-14. That, however, was an expansion franchise. The Lions, by contrast, have been around since 1934. Although one of the most frustrated teams in modern history, Detroit has had its share of great players over the years, a number of whom played in the 1950s, when the Lions won three NFL titles. Pro Football Hall of Famers who played mostly for Detroit, with their years in Motown and their positions:

  • Earl (Dutch) Clark, 1931-32, 1934-38 quarterback
  • Alex Wojciechowicz, 1938-46 center/linebacker
  • Bill Dudley, 1947-49 halfback
  • Doak Walker, 1950-55 halfback
  • Bobby Layne, 1950-58 quarterback
  • Lou Creekmur, 1950-59 tackle/guard
  • Jack Christiansen, 1951-58 quarterback
  • Yale Lary, 1952-53, 1956-64 def. back
  • Joe Schmidt, 1953-65 linebacker
  • Dick (Night Train) Lane, 1960-65 def. back
  • Lem Barney, 1967-77 def. back
  • Charlie Sanders, 1968-77 tight end
  • Barry Sanders, 1989-98 running back
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