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Mobile Seating: A migrant worker carried a sofa in Guiyang, which is in China's southwest Guizhou Province. Many migrant workers have been hard hit by the downturn in the global economy.

Would You Like an Apple? Or 34?: Being a foreign correspondent can often be remarkably like being a pack mule, says staff writer Mark Sappenfield. "I went to Baramullah for an interview. I returned with 34 apples," he says (see story).

It all began as a basic discussion about the different types of apples grown in the Kashmir Valley, Mark relates. He confessed in the interview that he had a liking for the sour variety.

"Instantly, I had a half dozen. I mentioned that my wife – back in Delhi and eight months pregnant – had said I should bring back some Kashmir apples, which are famous throughout India," says Mark. "Eight quickly became 34. It did not matter that I said I didn't have that much space in the luggage I was taking home. In the end, I had to forcibly prevent one of the men from taking the bag to fill it with even more apples. So I returned from Baramullah with the interviews for this story as well as enough apples for two apple cakes – which my wife loved, by the way."

Protest – But Eat Well: Contributor Patrick Winn says that one thing is clear about Thai protests. "The Thai are very orderly – and they're obsessed with food."

Patrick, who covered protesters' occupation of one of Bangkok's airports, says that even amid such a hostile act, order quickly takes over. "These auntie types emerge, sweeping up and putting trash away," he says. "People stake out their area, lay down a mat, and treat it as their home, taking off their shoes before they lie down. It lends a strange sort of order to a place they've just invaded. "

Patrick also notes that they don't lack for good eats. "On the menu were chicken and rice, fried eggs and rice, and various other things. This wasn't just about sustenance – choice was important. I saw at least 1,500 donated foam boxes full of food.

– Amelia Newcomb

Deputy World editor

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