Thanks so much, young lady

Remember Teodora Petrova? In case you don't, she is the recent Bulgarian immigrant profiled in this space Nov. 14, who – in her first day on the job at a Goodwill thrift store in downstate Illinois – found $7,500 tucked into a box of used shoes that someone had left at the door. Well, because she turned the money over to her supervisor rather than keeping it, she's back in the news. Goodwill, which has previous experience in these matters, announced Monday that the rightful owner of the cash has been located and that he had not, in fact, intended it as a donation. It turns out that he's well-known at the Glen Carbon store because he has brought in items previously, as have others in his family. According to the St. Louis Business Journal, he telephoned to say he was sure he was the source. Besides, he was able to give accurate descriptions of other features about the box and its contents. What's more, he'd been recorded arriving at the store with it by a security camera. But while not wishing to be identified, he was still grateful for Teodora's honesty and has told her so with a cash reward, though its size isn't being revealed. Goodwill, too, has given her a bonus – of $500. And at least two other unidentified people were so touched after learning of the story that they've sent her notes, with checks attached, totaling $175. Said one of the notes, "Welcome to America."

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