Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to make his first campaign appearance alongside Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday in Florida, the Obama campaign said Saturday. Clinton's presence, analysts believe, could help with working-class, white voters in the hotly contested state.

Seven endangered Puget Sound killer whales are missing and presumed dead, researchers who monitor the region's declining orca population said over the weekend. The drop-off may be linked to the low number of chinook salmon, a prime food for the whales, say scientists, who estimate that 83 orcas have survived.

Pennsylvania Republicans vowed Saturday to send out a corrective e-mail to 75,000 Jewish voters after disavowing one sent by a fired party strategist. The unauthorized e-mail suggested that a vote for Democrat Barack Obama would be similar to pre-Holocaust political mistakes.

The Rev. Robert H. Schuller said a "lack of shared vision" led to his Saturday announcement to remove his son, Robert A. Schuller, from televised preaching for the Crystal Cathedral, a well-known megachurch in Garden Grove, Calif. The senior Schuller, now retired, founded the Protestant church, which airs the syndicated "Hour of Power" to an international audience.

Missouri is being given a wilderness area as large as New York's Central Park to use as a new state park, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources was quoted Saturday as saying. Don Robinson, a nature lover who lives in a modest, unfinished house on the 843-acre tract, has arranged to give the property after his death to the state for use as a pristine park.

A giant modern airship, the 246-foot-long Zeppelin NT (New Technology), flew over the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday en route to its new home field in Mountain View, Calif. The rigid-framed aircraft , one of just three in the world, runs on nonflammable helium. It will give passengers a bird's eye view of Bay Area sights, at the cost of $495 per hour per customer. The zeppelin began its US journey in Beaumont, Texas, after arriving from Germany on a container ship.

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