Nearby and affordable: fuel-efficient urban neighborhoods

For Americans concerned about their transportation costs, living where long commutes aren't necessary and where stores and amenities are within walking distance is more and more appealing. With this in mind, the editors of Forbes magazine, with the help of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, have identified what they call the nation's most fuel-efficient urban neighborhoods. Leading the way: Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., a short subway ride from Wall Street and a more economical location, in terms of monthly transportation costs, than Manhattan's Upper East Side, where housing and other costs of living are about 33 percent higher. Forbes's choices for the most fuel-efficient neighborhoods that are near central business districts, with the average monthly transportation costs in each case:

  • Brooklyn Heights (N.Y.C.) $643
  • Koreatown (Los Angeles) $658
  • Fishtown (Philadelphia) $674
  • Jamaica Plain (Boston) $728
  • Woodward Corridor (Detroit) $728
  • Logan Square (Chicago) $742
  • Greenville (Dallas) $745
  • The Mission (San Francisco) $746
  • Arlington, Va. (Washington) $747
  • Montrose (Houston) $760
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