College football coaches receive CEO-like salaries

Being in charge of a highly ranked college football program has never been a more lucrative undertaking, with 21 coaches this year each set to be paid salaries of $2 million or more. In many cases, the head coach makes more than the university president. (At the University of Alabama, where Nick Saban's base salary reportedly is $3.75 million, it's six times more.) Since the team generated $54 million in revenue last year, Alabama figures it can afford to pay Saban more than he made for coaching the NFL's Miami Dolphins. Other schools are generous, too, because they know a winning coach helps attract donations and new students to campus. The 10 highest-paid college football coaches, the universities that employ them, and their salaries (in millions), according to americasbestonline website:

  • 1. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma $6.50
  • 2. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame $4.20
  • 3. Pete Carroll, Southern California $4.20
  • 4. Les Miles, Louisiana State $3.75
  • 5. Nick Saban, Alabama $3.75
  • 6. Jim Tressel, Ohio State $3.50
  • 7. Urban Meyer, Florida $3.40
  • 8. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa $3.03
  • 9. Mack Brown, Texas $2.91
  • 10. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas $2.85
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