Uh, should I remember you?

As often seems to happen in marriages, newlywed Kelly Robinson wasn't interested in Dale Wilson the first time they were together. In fact, he made no impression on her at all. But now, she says: "I think it is destiny.... It felt like we'd known each other forever." And, in a sense, they have. If you're thinking there's more to this story than has been revealed so far, you're right. Kelly, who works for a credit-card issuer in Northampton, England, was introduced to Dale by a mutual friend, and the two dated for five months before deciding they had a future together.

At the time, what neither of them realized is that they were born just three days apart in 1986, in the maternity ward of Northampton General Hospital and lay beside each other in bassinets while, down the hall, their mothers recuperated in adjoining beds. Soon, however, the two went their separate ways, with Dale gravitating to a career in engineering before their friend brought them back together. Eventually, as the relationship deepened, their mothers got in on the act. Comparing notes one day, they realized that they had been roommates in the hospital and, as Marie Robinson recalls, "It all fell into place." As for Jane Wilson, after Dale she went on to have one other child – a daughter. And guess whose birthday the daughter shares? Right, her new sister-in-law's.

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