Baseball's 'mad hatter' wears Yankee cap in Hall of Fame

The induction of hard-throwing relief pitcher Rich "Goose" Gossage into the Baseball Hall of Fame Sunday provided a strong contrast with last year's inductees, Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn, who spent their entire careers in the uniform of just one team each – the Baltimore Orioles (Ripken) and San Diego Padres (Gwynn). By contrast, Gossage, the only player inducted this year, suited up for nine different major-league teams during a 22-year career, including the New York Yankees twice. When it comes to designing his Hall of Fame plaque, the Cooperstown, N.Y., shrine made the final decision on which team cap he's shown wearing. In this case, it is the Yankees' (for whom Gossage was a World Series hero in 1978). The teams with the most Hall of Famers, based on the selection of caps for individual player plaques:

New York Yankees 17
Cleveland Indians 11
Detroit Tigers (tie) New York Giants 10
Boston Red Sox (tie) Chicago Cubs (tie) Pittsburgh Pirates 9
Cincinnati Reds (tie) St. Louis Cardinals 8
Baltimore Orioles (tie) Brooklyn Dodgers (tie) Philadelphia Phillies 6

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