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Bob Strong

Good Idea: When Hezbollah secured the release of five Lebanese prisoners , correspondent Nick Blanford thought he'd drive up to the home village of Samir Kuntar, a Druze who had been imprisoned in Israel since 1979. But when he arrived, his hopes of getting a word with Mr. Kuntar faded. "The place was crawling with Hezbollah bodyguards as if he were head of state," says Nick.

– Christa Case Bryant

Europe editor

Canadian Party: In the July 16 story, "Canadians chafe at post-9/11 ties with US," we misstated the name of foreign affairs critic Wayne Marston's party. It is the New Democratic Party.

Monday, July 21:Dublin, Ireland EU President Nicolas Sarkozy visits to discuss how to overcome Irish rejection of EU reform treaty.

Tuesday, July 22:Moscow Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez meets Russian President Dmitri Medvedev at the start of a European tour.

Thursday, July 24:Berlin US Sen. Barack Obama to give a speech. He goes to Paris the next day.

Friday, July 25:Bordeaux, France South African President Thabo Mbeki holds summit with EU amid tensions over Zimbabwe.

Sunday, July 27:Cambodia National elections.Paris – The Tour de France finishes.

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