In spurning a weekend "take it or leave it" buyout bid from Microsoft, Yahoo Inc. Chairman Roy Bostock said of Microsoft's latest offer that "we will not be bludgeoned into a transaction that is not in the best interest of our stockholders." Yahoo said the proposal, made in conjunction with activist investor Carl Icahn, would have dismantled its Internet franchise.

Three US military contractors freed after spending more than five years held by rebels in Colombia headed home to Florida Saturday after 10 days of treatment at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. The men, rescued by Colombian military undercover agents, said they will unwind for about a month and a half but urged people not to forget the other hostages left behind.

The Air Transport Association estimates that 100 smaller airports could lose all commercial service this year, and another 200 next year, because of fuel-related strains on the industry, The Washington Post reported.

Thousands of residents, evacuated from their Paradise, Calif., homes twice during the past month, began returning to the north-central community Saturday as firefighters made progress over the weekend in constraining a wildfire in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Officials said more fires have been burning at one time this year than during any other period in recorded state history.

With so many rebuilding issues still demanding attention in New Orleans, city officials said they don't expect a memorial to an estimated 1,600 fatalities during hurricane Katrina to be built by the target date of Aug. 29, the storm's third anniversary.

As part of the "Freewheelin" bike-sharing program developed by Humana, a health benefits company, in partnership with the bike industry, 1,000 bikes will be made available for visitors to use free of charge during the upcoming national political conventions in Denver (Democratic) and Minneapolis-St. Paul (Republican).

Former "Fox News Sunday" host Tony Snow, who died Saturday in Washington, served 17 months as President George W. Bush's press secretary until illness forced him to resign last September. Most of his journalistic career involved expressing his conservative views.

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