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Gopal Chitrakar/Reuters
Dancing with rice: In Nepal, women celebrate Asar Pandhra, the planting of the rice crop.

Knock, Knock: Visiting the Iraqi city of Fallujah without being embedded with the US military is a challenge for journalists. Correspondent Sam Dagher got in, but learned that no outsiders can enter unless they are vouched for by local police leaders or senior officials (see story).

"Everyone walking in goes through a cement-walled lane and is searched. Drivers must have a special permit, " says Sam. "And all males between the ages of 15 and 45 must carry special ID cards that include biometric data."

Once inside, Sam found a city divided into nine sectors by barriers. But the residents were friendly and eager to tell him about life in this predominantly Sunni city soon to be handed off to the Iraqi military.

David Clark Scott

World editor

Tuesday, July 1:Paris – France takes over rotating EU presidency. Top agenda items: energy, environment, immigration, agriculture, and a Mediterranean Union.

Wednesday, July 2:Vienna, Austria – World Justice Forum meeting of 90 nations to unveil new index aimed at measuring how countries adhere to the rule of law.

Thursday, July 3:Frankfurt,European Central Bank governing council is expected to raise interest rates in the 15-nation eurozone.

Saturday, July 5:ParisTour de France three-week cycling race begins.

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