When 'my Lexus' doesn't necessarily refer to a car

If Rover ever was a popular (rather than imagined) name for a dog, in today's pet-naming environment one might guess it's short for "Land Rover." Why? Because many owners apparently tend to give their furry or feathered friends the names of favorite consumer products, among them cars. PetFirst Healthcare, an insurance provider, found in a nationwide survey of policyholders that Bentley, Lexus, Mercedes, and Porsche – all luxury model cars – were among the Top 20 brand names that also end up on dogs, cats, parrots, and other species. The most popular brand names for the pet set, according to PetFirst's research:

  • 1. Bentley
  • 2. Roxy
  • 3. Hershey
  • 4. Guinness
  • 5. Remington
  • 6. Comet
  • 7. Lexus
  • 8. Chanel
  • 9. Corona
  • 10. Pepsi
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