Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner formally removed himself for consideration as a vice-presidential running mate for Democrat Barack Obama Saturday and instead accepted the Virginia Democratic Convention's nomination for a US Senate race this fall.

The moderator's chair on NBC's "Meet the Press" was left empty Sunday as a tribute to long-time host Tim Russert, who died Friday in Washington while preparing for the show. He took over the program's interviewing duties in 1991.

The shuttle Discovery landed Saturday after completing a 14-day mission to the International Space Station that NASA said went as smoothly as it gets. Garrett Reisman, who had spent 95 days on the station, was among the seven astronauts who touched down at Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Aided by milder-than-expected weather, California officials said they expected to have a series of wildfires 90 miles north of Sacramento under control Monday. A series of blazes has destroyed 74 homes.

McDonald's will return sliced tomatoes to its menu now that federal authorities have identified Florida and Mexico as the main sources of salmonella-tainted tomatoes, the company said Saturday.

America's multiracial population grew 3 percent last year, to 5 million, a rate 10 times as fast as white population growth, the Associated Press reported.

Vin Scully and John Wooden, two icons of Los Angeles sports, shared a first-ever public conversation during a Father's Day weekend event that drew a sellout crowd of 7,100 to LA's Nokia Theatre. Scully has broadcast Dodger baseball games since 1950; Wooden led UCLA to 10 NCAA basketball titles before retiring in 1975. The men asked that all proceeds go to children's charities.

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