I believe these are yours

Ever lost something valuable in, say, a crowded theater and resigned yourself to never seeing it again? Yes? Then you probably can identify with Paul and Karen Campanale.

The Worcester, Mass., couple and their children were packing to return home after what had been a happy vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida when Paul realized that Karen's engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings all were in a small container he'd casually tossed into the trash. Which, of course, had been collected by the housekeeping staff of the villa where they were staying and, presumably, already was deep inside the giant park's industrial-strength compactor.

At that point, Karen told the Orlando Sentinel: "We weren't speaking; at least, I wasn't speaking to him." On the other hand, it hasn't been reported whether she mentioned to her husband that she'd taken off the rings for the night. For their part, park employees offered little hope that the rings would turn up but said they'd try to trace that day's trash from the lodge, just in case.

Happily, executive housekeeper Drew Weaver learned that the trash hadn't reached the compactor yet and was still in a bin in the parking lot. He organized a search party to empty each bag onto the ground and go through it piece by piece. Yes, the rings were found, and three hours later, with the Campanales en route to the airport on a bus that was frosty inside (and not from the air conditioning), Weaver contacted a hugely relieved Paul by cellphone and arranged to hand-deliver them at the next stop. "That," said Karen, "is five-star service."

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