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In Olympia, Greece, actors dressed as priestesses practiced the torch lighting ceremony Sunday before it begins its official journey Monday to Beijing for the summer Olympics.

Campaign Costume: On Friday night, when the last rallies for the Taiwanese presidential campaigns were held, reporter Simon Montlake had his journalistic integrity challenged. He had a prior dinner engagement with his wife's extended Taiwanese family. But after the feast, one of his in-laws said she wanted to go to the KMT [Kuomintang Party] rally.

"At the rally, which faced an outdoor stage where speeches and songs revved up the crowd, my journalist's neutrality was tested as my uncle-in-law handed me a baseball cap and flag to wave," says Simon. "I tried to explain that I was an observer and shouldn't take sides, but my uncle insisted. Fortunately, I didn't stay for long, so nobody spotted my KMT moment."

David Clark Scott

World editor

Monday, March 24:Bhutan – First national election.

Wednesday, March 26:Canberra, AustraliaPrime Minister Kevin Rudd leaves on a foreign tour, visiting Washington, Brussels, London, and Beijing.LondonFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy visits.Recife, BrazilVenezuelan President Hugo Chávez meets Brazilian President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva..

Saturday, March 29:Sydney, Australia – 2008 Earth Hour. Residents worldwide switch off their lights at 8 p.m. local time for one hour. Started by World Wide Fund for Nature in Australia in 2007. Harare, Zimbabwe – Presidential and legislative elections.

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