Tunnel vision: ambitious idea for New York. But is it sound?

In New York, developer Vincent Polimeni has proposed building a 16-mile highway tunnel under Long Island Sound that would be the longest in the world. Although the state Senate held a hearing on the subject earlier this year, whether the project will be pursued remains in doubt. Not everyone is convinced that the tunnel would relieve traffic congestion while saving time and gas mileage. Critics also question how realistic it would be to fund a project that could cost $10 billion using revenue from tunnel advertising and a $25 toll between Rye, north of midtown Manhattan, and Oyster Bay, Long Island. Still, Polimeni is eager to push ahead for a 2025 completion. The world's longest road tunnels, the countries where each is located, and their mileage:

Long Island Sound (proposed) 16.0
Laerdal (Norway) 15.2
Zhongnanshan (China) 11.2
St. Gotthard/San Gottardo (Switzerland) 10.5
Arlberg (Austria) 8.7
Hsuehshan (Taiwan) 8.0
Fréjus (France/Italy) 8.0
Mont Blanc (France/Italy) 7.2
Gudvanga (Norway) 7.1
Folgefonn (Norway) 6.9

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