Hoops coaches leave their mark, in writing, on the court

Universities increasingly reward their head basketball coaches for a job well done (especially during the NCAA tournaments, which begin this week) by naming the home court for him or her. Not the arena: the playing surface itself. At the Division I level alone, 29 current or past coaches' names appear on the floor for all to see. In the case of a handful of male coaches, a spouse is honored as well, as at UCLA's "Nell and John Wooden Court." Winning national championships or a ton of games helps earn such recognition, and Tennessee's Pat Summitt has done both as coach of its women's team, which is why the school has emblazoned "The Summitt" on its court. The winningest coaches with courts named for them, the number of their championship teams in parentheses, the schools honoring them, and their career victory totals (active coaches are in bold type):

Pat Summitt (7), Tennessee 977
Eddie Sutton, Oklahoma State 804
Mike Krzyzewski (3), Duke 802
Lute Olson (1), Arizona 780

Lou Henson, New Mexico State 779

Jim Boeheim (1), Syracuse 769
Jerry Tarkanian (1), Nevada-Las Vegas 729
Kay Yow, North Carolina State 726
Ray Meyer, DePaul 724
Denny Crum (2), Louisville 675
• John Wooden (10), UCLA 664
Ralph Miller, Oregon State 657

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