Rescuers searched a rubble pile several stories deep for possible survivors in midtown Manhattan after a crane collapsed Saturday in one of the city's worst construction accidents ever. Officials said at least four people, all believed to be construction workers, were killed and 10 or more others injured when a 19-story-high crane fell, pulverizing a four-story town house and damaging five other buildings.

Two Endeavour astronauts completed a seven-hour spacewalk Sunday, during which they attached 11-foot arms to the International Space Station's huge new robot, named Dextre. Remaining assembly work is scheduled for Monday.

A tornado watch continued in northern Georgia Sunday, as crews continued to clear broken window glass and hotel furniture from the streets after a twister, with wind speeds approaching 135 m.p.h., ripped through the city Friday night. Officials reported two deaths and dozens of injuries. Above, an Atlanta resident skateboarded past an uprooted tree.

Vice President Dick Cheney departed Washington Sunday on a 10-day trip to the Middle East, which follows recent visits there by President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Cheney is expected to push for progress on Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts and raise concerns about rising oil prices. His itinerary calls for stops in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Palestinian territories, and Turkey.

Looking to end a period of turmoil, the Smithsonian Institution hired Georgia Tech President G. Wayne Clough (above) as its new leader. He is credited with transforming the Atlanta school into a Top 10 public university. The Smithsonian has been criticized for its executive compensation and questionable business practices. Clough will be paid $490,000 a year for guiding the world's largest museum/research complex.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama narrowly increased his lead for delegates to the national convention after Iowa took the next step in its delegate selection process and California finalized its tally. Overall, Obama picked up 14 delegates to just one for his rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Two African-American teens set aviation records Saturday in Compton, Calif.: Jonathan Strickland, 16, became the youngest black pilot to solo six airplanes and one helicopter on the same day; Kelly Anyadiki, also 16, became the youngest black female to solo four planes.They participate in a program for minority youths sponsored by Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum.

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