Ralph Nader, who ran as a third-party presidential candidate in 2000 and 2004, announced he was throwing his hat in the ring once again during an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday. The consumer advocate said his campaign would promote labor rights and address corporate crime and Pentagon waste.

In the lead-up to their debate Tuesday in Cleveland, Hillary Rodham Clinton angrily accused fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama of misrepresenting her positions in mailings to voters on healthcare and the North American Free Trade Agreement. "Shame on you," she said while campaigning in Ohio, where Obama defended the mailings as accurate.

Dust levels in the Western US have increased fivefold in some areas during the past 150 years, a team of scientists who've studied lake sediments said Sunday. Human activity, including farming and livestock grazing, was cited for increased dust in lake bottoms.

Air Force investigators began probing the first-ever crash of a B-2 stealth bomber, which occurred Saturday after the plane took off in Guam. Both pilots ejected safely. The plane is one of 21, each of which costs about $1.2 billion.

With $3,500 from family and friends and his own efforts at negotiating a mountain of red tape, Marine Maj. Brian Dennis of St. Pete Beach, Fla., arranged for Nubs, an abused and injured dog he saved in Iraq, to be flown to the US. Friends who have agreed to care for the dog until Dennis returns from Iraq in March greeted him (above) at San Diego's Lindbergh Field.

Los Angeles police said the extradition of Japanese businessman Kazuyoshi Miura, arrested last week in Saipan on suspicion of murdering his wife in 1981, is pending. Miura blamed L.A. robbers of wounding him and fatally shooting his wife during a US visit that caused an uproar as the city prepared to host the 1984 Olympics. A conviction of Miura in Japan was overturned in 1998.

On "Exotic Pet Amnesty Day," Miami's Metrozoo collected more than 150 pets, including snakes and an iguana, Saturday from people no longer able to care for the animals. New homes were provided for all but six.

In a showdown between the nation's top-ranked men's college basketball teams, Tennessee beat No. 1 Memphis, 66-62, Saturday night. The loss ended the Tigers' perfect season and snapped their 47-game home winning streak. Above, guard J.P. Prince of Tennessee celebrates after the game.

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