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The men who ice fish in a Beijing canal now have a new view: modern sculptures, as the city primps for hosting the Olympics in August.

Keep 'Em Talking: Staff writer Mark Sappenfield is in Pakistan covering the parliamentary elections. He's noticed that there is a kinetic energy to interviews with South Asians. "The longer you go, the more momentum builds and the more effusive the person becomes," Mark says.

"A quick 10-minute conversation over tea can become an hour-long dissertation that draws a direct link between the Mughal Empire of the 16th century and current wheat prices. When I was going among polling stations Sunday, the election observers I talked to would start off saying there was no fraud. Then the longer they talked, the more examples of fraud they would come up with. None were major, but simply by continuing the conversation their reticence broke and their desire for 'gupshup' (aka gossip) took over. "

David Clark Scott

World editor

Tuesday, Feb. 19:Yervan, Armenia – Presidential elections.Tanzania and Rwanda: President Bush and first lady Laura Bush visit.

Wednesday, Feb. 20:London – Former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove gives evidence at inquest into death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.Brasilia, Brazil – G-8 legislators open two-day forum on climate change.Ghana President Bush and first lady Laura Bush visit .

Thursday, Feb. 20:Liberia – President Bush and wife visit.

Sunday, Feb. 24:Havana – New National Assembly is seated, elects new Council of State. Rumors that President Fidel Castro may retire.

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