Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday that he believes NATO will continue to play a significant role in Afghanistan and that he has no plans to send any additional troops there beyond the 3,300 marines the Pentagon announced earlier this week.

Closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee Wednesday suggests that Jose Rodriguez, who oversaw CIA interrogations, gave the order to destroy interrogation tapes of two suspected Al Qaeda terrorists in 2005 over the agency's objections. Rodriguez's attorneys managed to delay his appearance by demanding immunity.

Unfavorable test results for antidepressant drugs frequently go unpublicized, according to a New England Journal of Medicine article, citing a study by the Oregon Health & Science University. Nearly a third of such studies were never published, said the authors.

Former US Congressman Mark Deli Siljander, a Michigan Republican, was indicted Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to aid the Islamic American Relief Agency, an alleged terrorist fundraising ring with links to Al Qaeda. Siljander, now a Washington businessman who served in the House from 1981 to 1987 and as a US delegate to the UN in 1987, is accused of lying about being hired to lobby senators.

The US announced a proposal Wednesday meant to keep invasive species from entering the Great Lakes by riding in on oceangoing freighters. If approved, ships would have to flush their ballast tanks to rid them of species that cause environmental and economic damage to the lakes. Canada already has such a regulation.

Bob Knight became the first Division I men's basketball coach to reach 900 career victories Wednesday when his Texas Tech squad defeated Texas A&M. His 42 years as a head coach have included stops at Army and Indiana, where his team won three national titles.

The Apollo Theater Foundation announced a $47 million plan to further restore the Harlem landmark where teenagers Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan got their starts in the 1930s and 1940s. The theater already has a new stage and seats.

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