Giving Oberlin College a reason to claim, 'We're No. 1'

On college campuses, it's "in" to be "green" these days, not only individually but also institutionally. With this in mind, AlterNet, a syndication service and online community of the alternative press, set about ranking which institutions of higher learning have the best overall track records in addressing environmental issues. Conclusions were drawn from looking at efforts to recycle, reduce energy use, and cut back on pollution through a variety of means, including adopting green-building policies, encouraging bike riding, and endorsing the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs. AlterNet's Top 10 greenest US colleges and universities and their locations:

1. Oberlin College Oberlin, Ohio

2. Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.

3. Warren Wilson College Swannanoa, N.C.

4. University of California system

5. Duke University Durham, N.C.

6. Middlebury College Middlebury, Vt.

7. Berea College Berea, Ky.

8. Pennsylvania State University (main campus and 23 branches)

9. Tufts University Medford, Mass.

10. Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

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