I'm the one with experience

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince has nothing on rapper Dan Miller. Or, rather, make that the former Daniel Michael Miller II of Akron, Ohio. He's the proud bearer of a brand-new name, granted by Summit County Probate Court. He was among 300 petitioners seeking approval for such a change last year, but one of the few who was asked to explain himself. That's not because, like Curtis Jackson, he preferred to be called 50 Cent. Or Eminem instead of Marshall Mathers. No, he had an entirely different idea in mind, which ultimately was approved since, as the magistrate put it, "he is in the entertainment business and seems like a nice kid." So what is his new name, for goodness' sake? OK, he's now "The" Dan Miller Experience. And note the quotation marks around The. They're an important part of the identity he wants to project as a performer. Besides, he told reporters, the commonality of his given name has long bothered him. "I like to do little things that amuse me," he said. "This amuses me." It did not, however, amuse his mother, Sherry Weisner, at least not until "The" Dan explained his reasoning. As for his father's reaction, that isn't known since, at last word, he hadn't found out yet. "The" Dan says he realizes that later in life he might come to regret what he has done. But, hey, if he decides to change it back he already knows the drill.

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