LeBron James gets dunked on in Taiwan. Was he going easy on them? (VIDEO)

LeBron James recently traveled to Taiwan, where he took to the court with some local players. One got the chance to defend LeBron James and took him to the hoop.

Wally Santana/AP
NBA star LeBron James poses for a group portrait after a short basketball clinic with young Taiwanese orphans in Taipei, Taiwan, Aug. 11.

As part of his agreement with Nike, NBA star LeBron James is asked to make appearances from time to time. One of them recently had the Miami Heat star traveling to Taiwan, where he participated in a charity event with local basketball players.

As you can see by the video below, LeBron wasn't exactly in playoff-game mode, protecting the ball on his dribble. The Taiwanese player lunges and knocks the ball away, leading to a dunk on the other end.

Had the other team been the Dallas Mavericks, we're sure that James would have launched the ball on the dunk attempt into the tenth row. Some LeBron critics might disagree, especially after this year's NBA Finals.

The LeBron-Nike basketball goodwil tour continued to China, where we hear James was well-received, and un-dunked on.

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