Yankees logo at center of lawsuit by New York woman

Yankees logo: The iconic symbol that combines a top hat and baseball bat is the subject of a lawsuit in New York. A Yonkers woman says her uncle designed this particular Yankees logo and should be paid for it.

Official team logo for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball.

When one thinks of the New York Yankees, most people think of the pinstriped uniform with the letters "NY" combined on the cap and shirt. The 'NY' was adapted from a design by Louis B. Tiffany.

But the primary team logo consists of a red and white striped top hat with blue band and stars, on top of a baseball bat. And now a Yonkers woman is suing the Yankees for trademark infringement over that team symbol.

Tanit Buday claims her uncle, Kenneth Timur, was commissioned to create a team logo in 1936 and was never paid for his work. Buday is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit.

Alice McGillion, spokesperson for the New York Yankees, told CNN that "this is a wonderful country where anybody can sue for anything, even when the allegations are over 70 years old."

The Yankees have recognized Henry Alonzo Keller, a sports illustrator who lived in Bronxville, NY, as the top hat logo creator. But yet another family claimed two years ago that Sam Friedman, an artist at the "21" club in New York City, scrawled the logo on a napkin in the 1940s.

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