Super Bowl commercials: top ads of Super Bowl 2011 [VIDEO]

Super Bowl commercials everybody is talking about after Sunday's game.

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Super Bowl commercials: Audi's Super Bowl spot ‘Release the Hounds’ is one of the many funny and action-packed Super Bowl commercials that aired this year.

The Super Bowl commercials have come and gone, but everyone at the water cooler is still talking about the funny ones (and the offensive ones).

Here's what you need to know about the commercials you missed while refilling the nacho dip bowl in the kitchen.

Volkswagen’s Darth Vader commercial was undeniably a hit but there were at least ten others that had viewers chuckling, on the edge of their seats, or even star struck.

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At the top of the list was Audi's action-packed, and very funny, commercial involving two aristocrats breaking out of some sort of castle/prison. The punch line is a snub at Mercedes and very effective.

Audi commercial:

Equally funny, was the Ozzy Osbourne/Justin Bieber Best Buy commercial in which Ozzy gets overwhelmed with the pace of mobile phone technology and Bieber steps in.

Best Buy commercial:

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The ending of the Pepsi Max commercial must have had entire rooms full of people shouting "d'oh!", but the soap in the mouth and slapstick pie face moments kept people laughing.

Pepsi Max commercial:

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The Chevy Cruze car commercial, aptly named "Misunderstanding," may have some calling it the Chevy crude commercial, but the misunderstandings are indeed funny and in the end the commercial is more cute than offensive (it's certainly nothing like the Groupon commercial).

Chevy Cruze commercial:

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Bridgestone ran two good commercials this Super Bowl, one funnier than the other. The funnier of the two followed an office worker who sent an office email 'reply all' - something everyone can relate to. Apparently it was totally inappropriate for the entire company to see, so he had to jump in his (Bridgestone tire-equipped) car and drive all over the city to grab everyone's laptops before they read his email. Farfetched, but funny (and not nearly as farfetched as Kia's commercial).

Bridgestone's 'Reply All' commercial:

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Chevy Camaro ran a high-octane commercial called 'Miss Evelyn.' The ad takes a different approach than usual and appears to be narrated in real-time in such a way that the scene or characters change as the two narrators disagree on what should happen in the ad. Its name, and the twist, become clear in the final scene.

Chevy Camaro commercial:

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Chrysler's commercial featuring Eminem had been highly anticipated and has been at the top of many favorite lists since the Super Bowl. The ad tries to re-brand Detroit, and the automakers in the city, as having a deep understanding of the luxury auto industry and goes on to compare Chrysler with imported automobiles by declaring that Chrysler's are "imported from Detroit." One of Eminem's tracks makes the ad seem very serious and tough.

Chrysler's commercial:

Bridgestone's other notable commercial features a beaver that is narrowly missed by a driver using Bridgestone tires. The furry creature then makes an appearance later in the driver's life to return the favor. The spot is jokingly named 'Carma,' which becomes clear at the end of the ad.

Bridgestone's 'Carma' commercial:

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Aside from Volkswagen’s Darth Vader commercial, they also ran a fun CGI ad of a bug that just can't be stopped. The scene takes place on the forest floor and the cutting-edge CGI is impressive and fun to watch.

Volkswagen’s commercial:

CarMax ran a goofy ad that started with a shopper at a CarMax saying, "I feel like a kid in a candy store," before cutting to an actual kid in a candy store who said another expression. The scene changes several times, each mimicking the expression the person in the previous scene said, before someone at last brings us full circle with the new expression, "I feel like a customer at CarMax." Will the expression catch on? Maybe not, but the obscured depictions of expressions lived out are certainly memorable.

CarMax commercial:

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